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Chapter 10

All day the next day, Knighton was anxious to see his new love, Princess Luna again. From that night, his heart thrived in happiness once again. All night he dreamed about Luna and nothing else. He was lying on his pile of hay in the barn, wondering about his future with the fair princess of the night. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, disrupting his thoughts. He shook his head to focus back into the real world. "Huh..? What…? Come in!" he said loudly.

Sliding the door open came in Twilight Sparkle and Spike. "Knighton? Are you in here?" she asked, looking around.

"I'm right here." Knighton replied, showing himself to her.

"Sorry if we were disturbing your napping." Spike said.

"Actually, I wasn't napping at all." he said. "Is there anything you need me for?"

"We don't need you for anything to be honest." Twilight Sparkle replied. "The truth is, we got a letter from Princess Celestia. But it's addressed to you."

Spike walked over to Knighton, giving him the letter. "We don't know why Princess Celestia would send a letter to you."

Knighton opened the letter. "To my knight in shining armor…" he read the letter out loud. "This isn't from Celestia…" he slowly formed a smile on his face. "This is from Luna!"

Twilight Sparkle showed a confused look on her face. "Since when was Princess Luna able to magically send letters?" she thought to herself out loud.

"Ooh! Read more, Knighton!" Spike said, jumping up and down happily. "Tell us what she wrote!"

Knighton replied with a nod and continued to read the letter. "To my knight in shining armor," he read again. "I wait to see you again, but I can wait no longer. My heart lusts to look upon your beautiful ocean eyes. The night we met felt so magical to me. Being with you fills me with happiness and love. Please come to the Canterlot Palace tonight when the moon is full. I shall meet you in the royal courtyard, the perfect place for the perfect couple. It will seem like a thousand years until tonight. Your love, Princess Luna."

"Aw! That's such a sweet letter!" Spike said chuckling. "Princess Luna must be head over heels for you!"

Knighton sighed happily. "And I am for her. I must go to the castle tonight to see her again!"

"Hold on a sec." Twilight Sparkle intervened. "Spike and I used to live in Canterlot. We've seen the castle at night. It's heavily guarded. There's no way you could get in without special permission."

"Can't this letter be the special permission?" he asked showing her the letter.

"Knighton, the chances of that love letter being an invitation to the castle are very slim." she replied.

"That's a chance I'm willing to take. Nothing will separate me and the princess."

She sighed a bit and then smiled. "I have to admit, things do go well when it comes to love, just like with Fluttershy and your brother."

Knighton laughed. "Yes. They do make a cute couple, don't they?"

She giggled. "Yes, they do. Fluttershy seems so comfortable with him. It's as if he was meant for her. I'm very happy for her. I hope it'll be the same for you and Princess Luna."

"Me too. Thank you for bringing this letter to me, both of you." he said smiling.

"No problem!" Spike said. "Anything to help a friend in love!"

He slowly stood up from his pile of hay and stretched out his legs. "Now, if you two will excuse me, I must get ready for tonight." he said.

"But it's like one o'clock in the afternoon." Twilight Sparkle said. "You'll have plenty of time to get ready for tonight."

"There's no trouble of getting a good early start, is there?"

She thought about his opinion for a few seconds and shrugged. "I guess not. Oh well, do what you want. We'll see you later or tomorrow."

"Yeah." Spike agreed, starting to follow her out. "Good luck with tonight, Knighton! Rarity's hoping that there's going to be a wedding!"

"Spike!" she said to him in a little serious tone.

"What? That's what she said last night." he explained.

Knighton laughed. "If you see her, tell her I said don't give up that hope!"

Spike laughed and gave him a thumb up. "The message will be delivered as soon as we see her! See ya!" he and Twilight Sparkle walked out of the barn together.

Knighton looked down at the letter and smiled. "A letter from the princess herself…" he thought. "My dreams really are coming true…"

.  .  .

Meanwhile at the castle in Canterlot in her room, Princess Luna laid on her bed cuddling with one of her large pillows, blushing and giggling. Thinking about her knight made her stomach tickle and blush nonstop. "Oh Knighton…" she said to herself sighing deeply. "How I wait to be in your arms again…" she heard quiet hoof steps entering her room and stopped. She then heard a quiet giggle.

"Daydreaming about your boyfriend I see." a soft voice said still giggling.

Luna quickly sat up and saw Celestia standing below the top of the door with a smile on her face. "He's not my boyfriend!" she replied hastily blushing out of embarrassment. "Well… not yet…" she said again in a much more calm tone still blushing.

Celestia walked over to her and sat down with her on the bed. "I'm very happy that you're moving on with your life after what had happened." she said, reminding Luna about her banishment.

Luna looked down and frowned a bit. "Yes… but I'm… still very sorry about what happened a thousand years ago…"

Celestia gave her a gentle hug. "It's okay sweetie…" she quietly said, patting her little sister's back. "I have forgiven you. All you can do now is move on. Think about your future."

Luna looked up to her and smiled. "I actually am thinking about my future," she said. "the future of me and Knighton. I've already had some possibilities about us."

"Like getting married and having a family?" Celestia asked, giggling.

She nodded slowly, blushing. "Yes…" she replied. "Is it alright to think about that?"

"Of course it is." her sister replied. "It's a lot of fun thinking about stuff like this about the pony you love, isn't it?"

"Yeah... Hey Celestia? Can I be alone please?" she asked.

Celestia nodded. She got up from the bed and started to walk out. "I hope that you see him again." she said before leaving. "I am relieved that you have found happiness again."

Luna giggled. "Thanks sis." she watched Celestia walk out through the door. She quickly closed the door using her magic from her horn. She got back to cuddling with her big pillow. She started to blush and giggle again. "Oh Knighton," she said to the pillow like it was her lover. "you fill my heart with such joy!" she quietly gasped at the pillow and smiled. "What's that Knighton? Take me away from here?" she giggled and rubbed her face against it. "This is all so sudden." she looked out her window from her bed, seeing the sun high in the sky. She slowly let out a groan of impatience and regret. "I shouldn't have set the time for the meeting to tonight…" she said to herself.

As the hours slowly passed, the sun was slowly setting along with the hours. Soon it was a little after dark. More guards were summoned for watching the perimeter of the castle for the night. Being responsible for raising the moon, Luna flew out of her room up high into the sky. As soon as she was hovering over all of Equestria, she made her horn glow bright enough to be seen like a star. With her powers, she slowly raised the moon from the east and placed it high above Equestria. She looked down to the castle and saw dozens of guards standing on the walls and by the gates. "Oh dear…" she thought to herself with worry. "With that many guards, they'll never let him in. Unless…" she flew down to the castle only to hover over it. Without being seen by the guards, she released sparkling powder from her wings over them. One by one, the guards slowly fell asleep after the powder touched them. She flew around the castle without being seen and continued to place every guard she could find under her sleeping spell.

.  .  .

Meanwhile back at the barn in Sweet Apple Acres, the knights were sleeping quietly in their piles of hay. Knighton however was waiting or his comrades to be completely out cold until he could leave without waking them up. He knew that the time was perfect after Rhayader began to snore loudly. Usually his snoring woke them up if they weren't completely asleep. Knighton slowly got up and quietly crept to the barn door. He slid the large door open, walked out, and closed the door behind him. He looked up at the moon and the glistening stars, smiling and letting out a happy sigh. "I'm coming my love…" he said to himself. He began to gallop away from the barn to the Canterlot Castle.

A little while later, he reached the gates of the castle. As he approached the entrance, he noticed that the guards there were asleep. He approached one of the sleeping guards curiously. He gently tapped one against the helmet. "Hello…?" Knighton asked quietly. "Anypony home?" he continued to try waking up the guard, but it was no use. "Huh… that's just weird… oh well." he moved away from guard and entered the castle. He passed more guards who were also asleep. "Okay… this just keeps getting weirder and weirder…" he thought to himself. He continued to walk through until he reached a large area filled with thousands different varieties of flowers. Trees also surrounded the area, growing different kinds of fruit. He knew that he found the courtyard. In the center was a large running water fountain with the two princesses carved out of stone standing on top, shooting out water into the fountain from their mouths. "Wow… Luna was right…" he said to himself. "This is the perfect place for the perfect couple." He suddenly heard hoof steps coming towards him. "Knighton…?" a soft voice asked him. He turned around, discovering that it was Princess Luna. His heart began to beat faster just after looking at her. "Luna!" he exclaimed, smiling big. He galloped to her and both rubbed their heads against each other with affection.

"I missed you so much." Luna said, moving closer to him.

"I missed you too." Knighton said feeling his muzzle touching her flowing blue mane. "Hey Luna, when I got here, I noticed that all the guards were asleep. What's going on?"

She giggled. "I placed them under a spell to sleep until the dawning of the sun." she replied.

He looked at her with a little shocked expression on his face. "You did that? Why?"

"So that no one can disrupt our time together." she replied, blushing.

Knighton smiled and kissed her cheek. "You little rascal, you." he said, chuckling.

She gave him a small smile. "I want this night to be perfect for us. We have the night all to ourselves and no one to bother us."

"Aww… you're such a sweet thing." he said.

She giggled. "Shall we take a little stroll through the little forest?" she asked.

They started to walk together through the large courtyard admiring the mysteriously loving mood of the forest in the night. The moon above them lit up the path that they were walking on. As they walked, they began to talk more. They told each other small stories that they read in books.

They then looked around the gardens full of the flowers and smelled them. Luna picked a bright yellow flower and gave it to Knighton. "Here Knighton. This will look nice in your mane." she said.

"What is it?" he asked.

"This is called a moonflower. These are my favorite." she slipped the flower stem in his mane.

He chuckled. "Thank you Luna. This is a very beautiful flower." he kissed her cheek.

She blushed. "You're welcome Knighton."

They continued to walk after a while being together. Luna looked up to him. She could feel her bond with Knighton growing, never wanting to part with him. The more she was by his side, the more she fell in love with him. She saw him turn his head to her with a smile. She blushed after seeing his smile.

"Luna." Knighton said.

"Yes?" she asked quietly.

"What's it like living here?" he asked about her life in the castle.

"It's alright here." she replied. "But…"

"But what?" he asked, curiously.

"It can feel a little lonely here…" she said, sighing quietly. "There really isn't anyone here to talk to. My sister is the only one I can talk to almost all the time. When the servants and guards look at me, they don't show it physically, but I can see fear in their eyes. They still see me as the evil mare I was before…" she quietly sniffled. "I'm tired of being feared by other ponies. I don't want to be shunned by others." she stopped walking and started to cry quietly while hanging her head down. "I don't want you to be afraid of me either… You're like the only one who understands me…"

He looked at her cry and felt pity for her. He sighed quietly. He walked up to her and raised her head with his hoof under her chin until their faces were close to each other as they looked into each other's eyes. "My dear princess…" he said softly. "I have never seen your evil form with my eyes. I have only heard stories about what had happened. I have no reason to fear you."

She looked at him with surprise with tears flowing down her cheeks. "You mean it…?" she asked, sniffling.

"Of course I do." he replied. "You mean so much to me. I don't want you to be all alone in this world. I'll always be by your side. I will never betray you. I'll always care for you."

Hearing his honest words, she rubbed her head against his neck. "I believe in your words Knighton… I feel the same way…" she said. She looked up at him with sparkles in her eyes. "Knighton…"

He looked down at her. "Yes?" he asked.

She blushed brightly thinking about what she wanted to do next. "Will you… kiss me…?" she quietly said.

He widened his eyes in surprise and blushed hearing what she had said. "W-what…?" he asked.

"I want to feel the warmth of your lips. I want to feel your love! I want you to feel my love!" she replied, desperately.

Knighton looked into her lusting eyes and down to her small blue lips. "How could I say no to the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria?" he said. He slowly closed his eyes.

Luna closed her eyes as well. They both slowly moved their heads towards each other. A second later, their lips were locked in a kiss. With their warm lips touching each other, they felt their body temperatures rise, their hearts beating faster than ever. Knighton felt his legs go wobbly, but managed to keep them under control. Feeling the warmth of her lips dried up the inside of his mouth. For Luna, feeling warmth from his lips made her become a little woozy in the head. But both felt the love they had for each other. They slowly broke the kiss, and Luna let out a heavy sigh with little shuddering, wearing a smile.

"That was wonderful…!" Luna said still a little dizzy from the kiss.

Knighton chuckled. "That was a very nice kiss." he said.

She rested her head against his neck. "Thank you so much for coming tonight." she said. "I enjoy being with you so much."

He gently rested his chin in her mane. "As do I Luna." he said. "As do I."

They walked over to the fountain and sat on the wide edge. They looked down at the water looking at each other's reflection wiggling by the ripples of the water.

"Hey Knighton? After that kiss we just had, do you think we're taking this relationship a little too quickly?" she asked with a little worry in her tone.

He smiled and laughed. "I don't think so." he replied. "You ever read any of those fairy tales with knights and princesses falling in love at first sight?"

"Yes, I have." she said.

"Our relationship is like that." he rubbed his muzzle against his, making her giggle. "I have no problem with it at all." he said smiling.

She smiled back and scooted closer to him until their bodies touched. She wrapped his arms around him starting to cuddle with him.

Knighton wrapped his around her back.

They both looked up seeing the moon shine brightly upon them and the glistening lights of the stars. They caught their eyes on a shooting star that swiftly flew across the sky.

"Ooh! A shooting star!" Luna said pointing it out. "Make a wish!"

"Let's share it." Knighton suggested.

They both closed their eyes, and began to wish.

"I wish Knighton will love me forever…" Luna thought in her head.

"I wish Luna will love me forever…" Knighton thought in his head.

They both opened their eyes and looked at each other. They both smiled and hugged each other.

"I hope your friends aren't worried about you." she said.

"They're completely asleep." he said. "They can't even wake up from Rhayader's snoring." he chuckled.

She giggled. "Celestia's usually asleep at this hour. Besides, if she were to wake up, she would not have a problem with me staying up this late since I'm the princess of the night."

He smiled. "That's true, and such a beautiful princess of the night you are."

She blushed. "Thank you. And I think you're the most handsome knight I have ever met."

"I thank you too." he said. He placed one of his hoofs on her cheek and gently stroked it.

She placed her hoof on his that was on her cheek. "Knighton," she said to him. "my knight of red. Another chance I got to meet you again. Your care for me has made me feel loved and well known. You are not at all afraid of me for what I had done all those years ago. You complete me, you know how to make me smile, and you know how to make me happy again. You are my sun as I am your moon. I want to be yours, now and forever. I'll tell you this, and I'll tell you now…" she took a deep breath. "I love you, Sir Knighton the Brave… I love you so with all my heart."

Her words of passion and her confession of her love filled Knighton with joy, as he was suddenly inspired to return his confession the way she did for him. "Luna," he began. "my princess of the night. You are the missing piece of my life. You shall not live your life in despair and sorrow as long as I am around. I will protect you always. Nothing will ever come between us. It is now my turn to tell you this and now… I too love you Princess Luna of Equestria."

Luna's ears could not have been deceived when hearing his words of passion to her. She let out the happiest sigh she had ever made as her eyes filled with tears of joy and satisfaction.

Knighton wiped her eyes and kissed her deeply. Luna moved deeper into the kiss, expressing more of her love to him.

For the rest of the night, they laid under the moon and stars in the flower field, cuddling close to one another. It would be another night to never forget, for it was the beginning of their dreams of unity to become reality to the world.
Here's chapter 10 of my MLP fanfic.

Knighton receives a letter from Princess Luna wanting to meet him at the Canterlot Castle tonight. What will they do together for the night?

PS: If the ending looks like it was rushed, please forgive me. I really tried to think of a good way to end it.

Chapter 9: [link]

Chapter 11: [link]

MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust
Writing, Yorkshire and knights (c) Dandric101
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