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May 9, 2011
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Chapter 11

At the time close before the dawn was to arrive, it was time for Knighton to return to Ponyville to sleep with his little brother and his knights. Luna walked with him to the gates of the castle as the exit.

"Luna, I had a wonderful time with you tonight." Knighton said smiling to her.

"I did too." Luna said leaning her head against the side of his neck.

They reached to the exit of the castle and stopped. They heard quiet snoring and turned to where the sounds were coming from. They saw that the guards were still asleep from Luna's sleeping spell.

Knighton chuckled. "You did a wonderful job with that spell of yours." he said to her. "How much longer are they going to be asleep?"

She giggled. "Don't worry." she replied. "They'll wake up in a couple of hours and won't realize that they were asleep at all." she gave him a hug and then a kiss. "Thank you so much for coming tonight. You've made this night another one of the best of my life."

He smiled and kissed her back. "I feel the same for what you did for me tonight."

"I wish you could stay just a little longer." she said, smiling and giggling quietly. "But I wouldn't want the guards to catch you when the spell wears off."

"But alas I cannot," he jokingly spoke in a theater acting-like tone. "for it is time that I must depart and slumber in my warm toasty hay so that I shall not be tired and cranky in the morning."

She laughed. "Well, I hope to not see you in a grumpy mood at all. I will let you go now, but I will surely miss your company."

"I will miss yours as well, my love." he said. Before going, he gave her one final passionate kiss for the night. "I love you." he quietly said.

Her cheeks lightly blushed. "I love you too." she replied.

"I promise to see you again soon."

"I know you will."

Knighton turned from her and began to gallop away from the castle. Luna had never felt such love before in her life in a thousand years. "Knighton," she said to herself. "make it home safely." she turned around facing the castle and flew up to the balcony of her room to sleep as well.

.  .  .

Meanwhile in the flaming lair of the warlock lizard Tartarus, he watched Luna enter her room through his magical orb from his throne. He watched her jump into her bed with a big smile and giggled. "I know I'm going to marry him someday!" Tartarus heard and watched her say. He grinned devilishly at the orb with his razor sharp teeth revealed. "That's right princess…" he said to himself viciously. "Sleep well and dream, for your dream will soon become a nightmare." he began to laugh, swishing the orb away into mist. "What she doesn't realize is that she has given me the perfect opportunity to execute the first step of my plan." he stood up from his throne and slowly walked towards his large pit of fire. "Thanks to her little sleeping spell, none of the guards will be able to stop us from taking her." he stood over his pit and looked down and the roaring flames underneath him. "I can feel that my powers are slowly returning. Now is the time to act." he pulled out a knife from behind his back and raised his other arm above the fire. He took the knife and pressed the blade against his palm. He quickly slit his palm, causing it to make him bleed. He grinned as he quietly growled in pain. He then gripped his hand into a fist, causing five drops of his black blood to fall into the flames. He then began to speak incantations in the dark language.

From the flames, five black clouds of mist flew up from the pit and flew around Tartarus. They flew to the other side of the pit and touched the ground, starting to change their forms. The mists began to shape into the warriors of Tartarus' lizard army. The five warriors had bright bloodthirsty eyes with scales the color of brown and black. Their bodies were shaped to be muscular and strong with sharp claws and long spiky tails. They all had a set of weapons: long widened curved swords and shields. After they took their form, they began to hiss and growl viciously revealing to have razor sharp teeth as well.

Tartarus looked at them proudly and smirked. "Yes! My warriors have returned!" he roared. "We shall soon take over all of Equestria once my powers are fully restored!" he walked over to them, beginning to examine them. He chuckled. "Just like my warriors from before: cruel, vicious, merciless, and hungry for blood." he said to himself. "My warriors," he said to them. "I am your master! You have been brought back from the depths of the underworld to do my bidding! You have been created again to take over this land for ourselves and to get revenge on those who have stood in our way! There are six knights. Pony knights to be exact." he continued. "They are the ones responsible for destroying the last of our army. But they won't be able to stop us this time. For you see, I have a plan that will send them to their doom. You have also been summoned for a special mission. Two of the knights are in love with these two Pegasus mares." he raised his arms and summoned two magical orbs, one in each hand. In the orbs revealed Fluttershy and Princess Luna.

The lizard warriors looked at the images of the mares with hatred in their eyes. They all hissed ferociously at them. They were also licking their teeth with their long tongues as a sign of hunger.

"Find these two and bring them here unharmed." Tartarus said to them. "They will be the ones the knights will come for. When they get here, I want you to kill them in the cruelest way you could possibly imagine. When they are dead, do as you would like to the mares. Kill them, eat them, do whatever you want with them." he looked to three of the warriors. "You three will bring this princess mare back to me." he said, showing them the orb with Princess Luna. " You will find her in the west tower of the castle. She is also a practitioner of magic so be careful. The only way you can stop her from using magic is to cover her horn using a piece of cloth or whatever." he turned to the other two warriors. "You two will go after this one." he said to them showing them orb of Fluttershy. "You will find her in a small cottage. She'll be easy to capture. She won't be able to fight back." he made the orbs disappear by swishing them away. "Now find them! Bring them to me unharmed! Kill anyone who stands in your way!"

The lizard warriors roared and hissed ferociously as their battle cries.

He raised his arms once again, but they began to be covered in dark mist. He waved his arms at his warriors making the mist fly towards them. The mist swirled around them swiftly. Suddenly in a bright flash, they disappeared out of thin air. Tartarus laughed in surprise. "Yes! My powers are surely coming back! They will be teleported to the locations where they can find the mares. Once I have those knights out of the way, I will be able to build my army again." he said to himself. "When that happens, they will once again sweep through the land and Equestria will soon be under my control! Nobody can stop me this time! NOBODY!!!"

.  .  .

A black cloud of mist flew across Equestria and was heading to Canterlot. As it was flying closer to the castle, it dove down to the gates. When the mist touched the ground, a poof a smoke appeared and faded revealing three of the lizard warriors standing in front of the castle.

"This is where we will find the princess." one of the warriors said in a dark voice.

"Look over there." a second one said pointing to the sleeping guards. "They're asleep." he informed them. "That'll make our job easier."

"Let's just hurry up." the third one said in a hasty tone. "It's almost dawn."

They quickly entered the castle and headed to the west tower where they would find Princess Luna. Using their sharp claws, they climbed up the stone tower and leaped onto the balcony. They saw that the large glass doors were opened and they quietly snuck in. Inside they saw a blue unicorn Pegasus pony sleeping peacefully in her bed.

"There she is…" the third warrior hissed quietly. "What's the plan?"

The second warrior pulled out a long piece of thick cloth. "We have to wrap this around her horn so that she's powerless." he quietly replied.

"But what if she wakes up before we do?" the first one asked.

The second one gulped in fear. "Say your prayers then…"

They carefully crept up to the sleeping princess and surrounded her around her bed. The second warrior began to carefully wrap the long piece of cloth around her horn. The warriors felt the intensity and stress of the moment. One mistake would cost their lives. The second warrior continued to wrap the cloth around until the horn was completely covered.

"Whew…" the third one sighed quietly. "Good thing that didn't wake her up or we would sure be in-"

Suddenly a cuckooing sound coming from a cuckoo clock began to ring with a little wooden bird going in the clock and coming out chirping loudly.

The warriors gasped quietly in shock. They knew that the sound was going to wake up the princess.

"Quick…! Turn it off…!" the first one whispered to the third.

The third rushed over to the clock and tried to find a way to turn it off. "I don't see an off button…!" he said to them in a worried tone.

"Well find a way to turn it off and fast…!"

He took the first idea that came to his mind and smashed the clock hard with his fist. The force of the smash managed to turn off the cuckooing, but it made an even louder noise when he hit it hard. "I got it…!" he whispered to them smiling.

The second lizard smacked his own face in shame. "You idiot…" he thought.

They heard some quiet mumbling coming from the bed. They all slowly turned to it and saw the princess slowly opening her eyes.

"What's going on…?" Luna said in a dozed off tone. When her eyes were not blurry anymore from sleeping, she saw three large lizard warriors in her room with one of their fists in her cuckoo clock.

"We're dead aren't we…?" the third one asked out loud.

Luna suddenly let out a terrified scream. "What are you doing in my room?!"

"Quick! Grab her!" the first warrior yelled.

Luna tried to use her magic on them, but discovered that she wasn't able to use any. "Huh?! What's going on?! Why can't I use magic?!" she looked up and saw that her horn was wrapped in cloth. She gasped loudly. "Oh no!" she looked to the lizards and saw them coming at her. "Just because I can't use magic, doesn't mean I can't use my hooves!" she quickly jumped out of her bed. She turned around and bucked one of the lizards in the chest, making him fly across the room and crashing into the wall. Another one jumped at her, but she moved out of the way seeing him fall to the floor. She landed on his tail, making him yelp in pain. "Get away from me!" she shouted. "I'm warning you!"

The third lizard grabbed her from behind. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed. "Guys! Tie her up quickly!" he felt her beginning to struggle hard from his grasp.

The second lizard took some rope from his belt and began to tie her up.

"Let go of me right now!" Luna screamed. She quickly kicked the lizard that was tying her in the stomach and kicked his face.

Using one hand, the lizard holding onto Luna wrapped a piece of rope around her muzzle to keep her from screaming again.

Luna continued to struggle from the lizard's grasp. She tried to scream, but the rope around her muzzle kept her from opening her mouth.

The lizard that she kicked in the stomach and head finally managed to tie her legs together and her wings. He tied them tightly making Luna squeal loudly. "Stupid mare." he said, insulting the princess. "Let's get her back to the master now." he said to the first lizard.

The warriors got together and the first lizard whistled to the window. Another cloud of black mist flew into the room and swirled around them and made them disappear in a bright flash.

.  .  .

Meanwhile, another cloud of black mist that contained other two lizard warriors flew to Fluttershy's cottage where they would find the second hostage to take with them. The lizards appeared from the mist and landed on the small stone bridge. The animals that were outside of the cottage saw the lizards and quickly hid from them in fear.

The lizards slowly approached the cottage quietly hissing. They looked up and saw light coming from a closed window on the second floor. They carefully climbed up and peeked through the window without being seen. They saw the yellow coated mare that they were after cuddling in bed with a white bunny.

"I always love warm hugs before going to bed." Fluttershy said to Angel. "They always make me feel safe."

Angel smiled and cuddled with her, making her giggle.

"There she is…" the first lizard whispered to the other, grinning. "Let's just break in and take her. That animal will be of no help to her."

The other nodded and prepared to attack.

"I can't think of anything that would make this night go completely in the opposite direction." Fluttershy said gently rubbing her muzzle against Angel's head. Suddenly she heard a loud crash coming from her window with the sounds of glass shattering. She quickly turned and saw two large lizards in her room looking at her with their sinister looking yellow eyes and showing their sharp teeth. She gasped in fear and quickly climbed out of bed with Angel. "Run Angel!" she screamed to him. She and Angel fled the room filled with terror.

The lizard warriors snarled ferociously and went after her.

Fluttershy and Angel climbed down the stairs as fast as they could into the living room. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed. "What are we going to do?!" she asked Angel hastily. She heard loud stomps from upstairs along with growls and hissing. She knew that they were heading for the stairs. They stomps and growls began to grow louder and louder. Her heart began to race and started to break into sweats. She looked down to Angel and tried to get him away by pushing him gently with her head. "Angel, if anything happens to me, go get help!" she instructed him. "Hide! Hurry!" She watched him quickly hide under the couch. She had to get away from the cottage and fast. She ran towards the front door. She managed to quickly unlock and open it, but the lizards got into the living room from the second floor. She let out a yelp and began to fly out of the cottage.

One of the lizards caught up to her. He leaped up high and grabbed her tail. He yanked her tail down, causing her to fall and crash into the grass.

She groaned quickly in pain from the hard impact of the fall. She felt herself being dragged along the ground by the lizard pulling her towards him by her tail. She then felt her legs being bound with rope. She tried to let out a scream, but her muzzle was quickly tied tightly to silence her.

"I got her!" the lizard called out to the other.

The other lizard went over to him and picked up Fluttershy and placed her over his shoulder. "Perfect. Everything's going according to Master Tartarus' plan." he said. "This mare and the other one will surely get those knights to try and rescue them. When they do, they're gonna be screaming in their own blood."

Fluttershy suddenly realized that he was talking about Yorkshire and the other knights and gasped quietly. "They want to kill Yorkshire and the others?!" she thought to herself. She started to struggle a bit on the lizard's shoulder.

The lizard evilly chuckled at her. "You can't get yourself out of this one, mare." he hissed to her. "You're needed for our master."

From the cottage, Angel peeked out and saw the lizards carry off his pony friend. He saw tears running down her cheeks. There was nothing she could do get herself out. He then saw a cloud of black mist flying towards them. The mist flew down to them and swirled around them, making them disappear. When they were gone, Angel quickly dashed out of the cottage and went to find the only pony that could save her.
Chapter 11 of my MLP fanfic.

Tartarus has sent 5 of his newly created lizard warriors to find Fluttershy and Luna. Will they succeed in capturing them for Tartarus' plan to exterminate the knights, or will they have a little trouble with one of them?


Chapter 10: [link]

Chapter 12: [link]

MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust
Writing (c) Dandric101
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