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May 30, 2011
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Chapter 14

They all escaped from the maze that contained the lair, quickly running to safety. A large and loud explosion was made from the sinkhole. Everypony turned and saw huge amounts of dust and ashes rising up from the hole. The wind loudly blew it away, revealing that the sinkhole was closed up by piled up boulders. They all stood there silent, looking at the remains of the resting place of the lizard warlock, Tartarus.

"It's over…" Princess Luna said quietly. "It's finally over…"

Everypony looked to one another and smiled.

"Well…" Fluttershy said. "I guess we should all be getting back… right?"

Yorkshire chuckled and kissed her cheek. "Yes. That would be the best idea."

"We should have a party to celebrate our victory!" Pinkie Pie suggested, giggling. "We should have it with a HUGE victory cake!"

They all turned to the other direction, beginning to head back to Ponyville. A loud echoing thud was suddenly made from behind them. They quickly turned their heads back.

"Uh… what was that…?" Rainbow Dash asked with little worry.

"It sounded like it came from way over there." Llanfair said, pointing afar from the closed up sinkhole. He and the knights walked to the location where they heard the sound while the girls slowly followed them, keeping their distance from them.

As they looked around, dark clouds slowly formed high above them in the sky as thunder began to clash. Another loud thud was made, but closer to the knights. They walked further with their hearts beating faster and their breathing slow and hard. Right in front of them, something busted through from underground, causing a massive explosion with large boulders crashing down to the ground. The knights were immediately startled and jumped back. They looked up and saw what they believed to be dead Tartarus, hovering high above them.

"HE'S ALIVE?!!!" Yorkshire yelled. "IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

Everypony's hearts were now beating faster as their fear escalated drastically.

Tartarus looked down to the knights with much stronger anger in his dark red glowing eyes. He breathed and grunted hard and heavily. His hatred for the knights had now increased tenfold. He let out a loud, angry scream that echoed across the wastelands. He spread his legs and arms open swiftly as a large lightning bolt struck him high from the thunderclouds. The bright flash from the lightning blinded the knights and mares for a second, but they looked again. They saw his body starting to physically change. His body started to grow in size, along with his leg and arm muscles. His claws from his hands and feet grew longer and sharper. From his head down to his back and tail, hundreds of sharp spikes grew out. Around his face, his snout, his fangs and teeth grew longer, and three long curved horns grew from his forehead. He dropped down to the ground, shaking the ground like an earthquake, making the ponies jump into the air. He slowly stood up with the flash fading away, revealing himself as a giant lizard like demon that was like not of their world. He opened his red eyes with tiny yellow pupils looking down to the knights. Two large curved broadswords appeared in his large hands. He let out a loud deep screech at the knights as thunder from the dark clouds rang.

The knights were now in deep trouble. Not only the warlock had survived, but had transformed into a giant beast filled with his hate for them. They slowly backed up with much fright in their souls.

"What are we going to do now?!" Rhayader asked, shaken up.

Yorkshire looked to his comrades and stopped back up. "The only thing we can do…" he quietly replied. He slowly pulled out his sword with his mouth. "Fight until either he or we are dead!" he turned to the girls who were looking at Tartarus' beast form with terrified looks on their faces. Fluttershy was even tearing with so much fear. "Girls, get out of here and save yourselves!"

Fluttershy looked to Yorkshire and then to Tartarus. She wiped her eyes and shook her head. "No…" she said, starting to give the beast a glare. She walked up to them to confront the monster. "I'm going to stay here along side with you until the very end."

Yorkshire couldn't believe his ears. Was Fluttershy actually going to join the fight?

"Has she gone insane?!!!" Rainbow Dash asked her other friends, staring to freak out. "She's going to get herself killed!!!"

Luna flew over to the knights to join Fluttershy. "She's right, Rainbow Dash!" she said loudly. "I'm tired of running away! It's about time I stand up for myself and for my friends!" her long horn began to glow brightly.

Knighton looked to her with much surprise, but then nodded and smiled.

"Well, if that's the case then…" Applejack said, joining the knights. "I'm gonna be in this here fight too!"

"You said it!" Pinkie Pie said, hopping up to them with a glare and a smile. "We're not going to let this big meanie-face take over Equestria!"

Twilight Sparkle galloped to them with Spike still riding on her back. "None of us are going to run away." she said to the knights. "We came all this way together and we're going to stay together! We're going to fight in this battle, all of us!"

"We'll lend you our abilities to help you through this treacherous battle." Rarity said, joining them as well. "I just hope my powers will be of good use for this occasion."

Rainbow Dash realized that all of her friends were joining the knights to fight against the lizard demon to save Equestria. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." she said to herself. She quickly flew over and hovered above them. "I'm ready!"

The other knights pulled out their swords, prepared to fight in their FINAL battle.

Tartarus screeched viciously at them again and began to slowly walk towards them with loud, vibrating stomps.

The ponies all stood their ground as he came closer and closer to them. "FOR EQUESTRIA!!!" Knighton suddenly cried out. He and the others let out their battle cries as they all charged straight for Tartarus with Luna and Rainbow Dash flying at him. They saw he was going to take a swing with one of his swords downwards as he started to raise it above him. "Split up!!!" Knighton yelled.  They all split into two teams going around Tartarus as he slammed his sword down to the ground causing the land to shake and a giant crack in the ground to open up. The ponies felt the strong force of the blow but kept their balance. "Give him all you got!!!" Knighton yelled again.

The knights slashed their swords against Tartarus' body, but somehow had no effect at all. Applejack and Pinkie Pie attempted to attack with bucking, but the monster was too big to take down.

Using their magic, Luna, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity picked up and flung large boulders at him.

Tartarus continued to swing his swords at the ponies with great strength and created strong vibrations whenever he struck the ground from his attacks. He also cut down any boulders that were thrown by the unicorns.

The ponies dodged as much as they could to avoid a quick death.

"Nothin' can hurt this guy!!!" Applejack yelled to everypony. "His scales are too thick to penetrate!!!"

"There's got to be a place where we can hurt him the most!!!" Penarth yelled.

Knighton had to think fast. Everypony's lives were in great danger and had to defeat Tartarus as soon as possible. He looked up to Luna and Rainbow Dash who were flying around him. "Luna!!! Rainbow Dash!!! Try to find a place on his body that could possibly be vulnerable!!!"

Rainbow Dash looked down to Knighton and saluted to him. "Yes sir!!!" she answered. "Come on Luna!!! We've got to hurry!!!" she and Luna began to swiftly fly around Tartarus as he continued to swing his swords at the ponies and to them. Examining his beastly form, they noticed that his body was completely covered in scales. "There has to be a weak spot somewhere!!!" she yelled.

Luna looked to his torso and realized that he was wearing a large breastplate from his neck down to his legs. She had a sudden thought that there would be a weak spot underneath the armor. "Knighton!!! His armor!!!" she shouted to him. "I think he's vulnerable underneath the armor! We need to remove it from his chest!!!"

Knighton looked to his large chest and saw that there was actually armor covering it. He swiftly galloped around the beast and saw large leather straps around his neck and waist connecting to the armor. "We need to cut off those straps around him to get the armor off…" he thought to himself. He looked to his knights who were still avoiding the giant swinging swords. "Guys! We need to climb on top of him! That way we can cut off those straps that connect to the armor on his chest!" he yelled to them.

"Climb on him?!!! Are you mad?!!" Rhayader yelled back.

"It's the only option we've got if we're going to take him down!" he looked to Llanfair. "Llanfair! I'll distract him while you climb onto his back and cut off those straps!"

Llanfair nodded. "Yes sir!"

He quickly ran around until he was in front of Tartarus. "Hey!!! Over here you giant freak!!!" he yelled to get his attention.

Tartarus looked down, seeing Knighton move around in front of him. He swung one of his swords high above him and slashed it downwards but Knighton quickly jumped out of the way creating another large crack in the ground.

"Ha!!! Missed me!!!" Knighton said, taunting him.

As Knighton continued to taunt and avoid his high effective sword attacks, Llanfair swiftly galloped behind the lizard beast and jumped onto his tail, and climbed it heading for his waist fist. He took his sword and repeatedly began to slash at the large leather strap that was wrapped around. With every hard slash he made, he dug into the leather, deepening the cuts. He took another swing once more, and the strap let out a loud snap, tearing off. "That's one down." he said to himself. He looked up and saw the final strap to be cut around Tartarus' neck. "Now for that one!" he climbed up higher while jumping on his large spikes that were sticking out of his back. He made it to the last spike that was close to the strap. "Here I go!!!" he yelled. He began to cut through the final strap with multiple strikes. The part of the strap where he was cutting began to slowly open up. He swung at it harder and harder until another loud snapping sound was made. The armor suddenly dropped to the ground with a echoing clang. "It's off!!!" he cried. He jumped down and slid down his back and tail. He flew off from the tip and landed to the ground safely.

Tartarus stopped attacking Knighton as he realized that his armor was off, revealing his large soft underbelly. He suddenly let out a deafening roar out of anger. His eyes suddenly caught Fluttershy trying to avoid him from the left. He took one of his swords and swung it towards her.

Yorkshire saw the large blade moving towards her. "FLUTTERSHY!!! LOOK OUT!!!" he screamed.

Fluttershy turned and saw the sword coming right at her. The tip of the blade slashed deep into her flank and side. She let out a blood hurdling scream of pain. She fell and crashed violently down to the ground. When her tumbling stopped, she lied on the ground crying and screaming in agonizing pain as her flank and side bled.

Everypony was in horrifying shock that Tartarus had severely wounded Fluttershy.

"NO!!!!" Yorkshire screamed with his eyes immediately filling up with tears.

Fluttershy's eyes burst in tears uncontrollably, making her temporarily blind. She felt and heard large stomps coming towards her. She wasn't able to see Tartarus about to strike her again with his sword, leading her to her death. Unable to move from the pain, she could only let out another scream. "YORKSHIRE!!!!!!"

Tartarus swung his sword down to kill Fluttershy, but felt something hard immediately stopping his attack.

Yorkshire blocked the large attack with his sword. He strained from the strength of the blade still being pushed down against his sword. He was now filled with rage for seeing Tartarus hurting his love. He let out a loud scream as he moved the blade away from them with all of his might. He looked up to Tartarus, giving him a very vicious glare. "STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!" he screamed, with many tears flowing down his cheeks. "I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU TOUCH HER AGAIN!!!"

Tartarus let out another roar at him and raised both swords. Suddenly, something swift struck his left eye, making him let out a screech in pain and drop his swords.

"What was that?!" Twilight Sparkle shouted to everypony.

Everypony looked into the sky and saw a large bird with red and yellow feathers. The bird let out a loud caw from high above.

Luna smiled with excitement and glee. "It's Philomena!!!" she cried out happily. "My sister's phoenix!!!"

Philomena turned back to Tartarus and began to peck and claw at his face, making him screech louder. She dodged his claws as he tried to get her away from his face. She then clawed his right eye, making him go completely blind. He covered his eyes and continued to screech in intense pain.

"Now's our chance!!!" Luna yelled. "Attack!!!"

All of the knights charged at him and slashed at his vulnerable chest multiple times. They gave him everything they got from their swords. The unicorns threw large jagged rocks at him with their magic, cutting his underbelly.

Tartarus let out another roar as he fell down on all fours, dropping his guard.

"Now to finish him off!!!" Tregaron yelled.

From the knights, Yorkshire ran after fallen beast and repeatedly began to slash at his face while letting out cries of anger. He heard the beast screech in pain with every slash he gave him. "THIS IS FOR FLUTTERSHY!!!" he screamed and thrust his sword deep into Tartarus' face.

Everypony was silent when they saw Yorkshire make the final blow. They saw how angry he was after seeing Fluttershy in critical condition. He pulled out his sword and backed away.

Tartarus raised himself up to his knees and began to screech uncontrollably, knowing that he was defeated. Thunder clashed louder and brighter as he screeched. His screeches instantly stopped as he fell onto his chest, unable to move.

Six glows suddenly appeared coming from Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and the fallen Fluttershy all in different colors. The glows flew up above them and then formed into shimmering stones in the shapes of their cutie marks.

"Wh-what's going on…?" Rarity asked mesmerized.

"It's the Elements of Harmony!" Luna announced smiling big. "Twilight, quickly! Unleash their powers!"

Twilight Sparkle looked to her with confusion. "Me?! What can I do?!" she asked nervously.

"You possess the sixth Element!" Luna replied. "You're in command of the other Elements! Tell them to banish him to the Shadow Realm!"

Twilight looked to the glowing Elements and then back to Luna. She then showed an expression of confidence and nodded. "I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll follow along!" she looked up to the bright stones. "Elements of Harmony!" she cried. "Here me out! Use the powers you each possess and open the gates to banish this creature of evil magic to the Shadow Realm!"

The Elements started to glow brighter and began to fly higher into the dark sky. They began to fall like meteors down to the ground. They all swiftly plunged onto the dark beast in a bright, golden light. Tartarus' beast form slowly began to change, turning him back into his normal form. The knights and mares all watched with eyes widened and mouths silent as the magical light started to lift the motionless warlock into the air. The colors of the Elements started to swirl around him in high speed creating a rainbow colored twister. They flew up higher and higher taking up Tartarus with them. Before touching the dark clouds, the light quickly got smaller and smaller until it completely vanished into thin air.

The knights and mares witnessed the light vanishing, taking Tartarus away from their world. They saw the dark clouds slowly fading away, revealing the sky again. They all slowly looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces. Their facial expressions quickly formed into large smiles. They suddenly began to cheer loudly of their victory. They all began to hug each other with happiness and prosper.

"We did It!!!" Penarth said, hugging Llanfair and laughing. "We finally did it!!!"

"This has to be the most important battle we've ever fought in and won!!!" Llanfair added.

Knighton and Luna hugged each other tightly with relief and kissed deeply.

"Whoohoo!!!" Pinkie Pie laughed and giggled hopping up and down like crazy. "That big meanie is finally gone!!! Now we can have a victory party!!!"

While the others cheered, Rhayader looked to Yorkshire who was rushing to Fluttershy who was still injured from battle. He saw him pick up her hoof and started to cry quietly. He turned to the others with worry. "Guys! We don't have time for a party just yet!"

They turned to him and saw him point to Yorkshire and Fluttershy.

Rarity gasped in horror. "Fluttershy! Oh no!"

They all rushed to them and looked down to Fluttershy with worry and fear. They could hear her breathing and wheezing heavily from the large cuts from her flank and side. She also let out quiet groans of pain.

Yorkshire continued to cry, rubbing his cheek against her hoof gently. "Please don't die Fluttershy…" he said with his voice cracking. "I beg of you… please don't die…!"

Hearing him cry and speak began making the mares and the knights as well cry quietly with many tears leaking from their eyes. The mares were heartbroken and scared, fearing that their kindest and loyal friend would die.

"Is there… anything we can do to help…?" Spike asked Twilight Sparkle.

"I… I don't know…" she replied, crying harder. "I've never healed such a major injury before…"

Pinkie Pie cried louder, hugging Applejack who was crying as well. She felt her arms wrap around her.

From the sky, Philomena landed in front of Fluttershy and Yorkshire. She gently nudged Yorkshire's head to get his attention.

He looked up, seeing the phoenix right in front of him. "Philomena…" he said. "Thanks for saving my life… but…" he began to cry more while rubbing his cheek gently against her hoof again. "I couldn't save Fluttershy…"

She gently cooed to him and nudged his head again. She had him look at her again to show him something. She too showed tears in her eyes, but then let head down over Fluttershy's wounds and let her tears drop onto them. Her tears dissolved into her wounds, making the injuries slowly begin to vanish.

Everypony else and Yorkshire couldn't believe what they were seeing. They moved closer to see if it was actually real.

Philomena let more of her tears drop onto Fluttershy's cuts. The wounds continued to slowly vanish as if they were never there. The wound on her side was gone. Philomena moved to her flank that too was cut. She dropped more tears onto it and it began to vanish as well. Both wounds were gone in a minute.

"I can't believe it…" Rainbow Dash said quietly. "Her wounds… they just disappeared…"

Luna smiled. "That's one of Philomena's special powers." she said. "Phoenix tears can heal illnesses and injuries."

"I've read about these abilities." Twilight Sparkle said. "She's such a remarkable bird. But what is she doing here?"

"My sister must've sent her here to help us in case if any of us got hurt. Thank goodness she got here in time."

Yorkshire's eyes were widened, seeing that Fluttershy's coat was completely clean after Philomena's tears healed her. He looked up to the phoenix and smiled with tears of happiness in his eyes. "Thank you so much Philomena." he then began to hear soft and quiet breathing. He looked down, seeing Fluttershy slowly opening her eyes.

She groaned quietly while slowly raised her head up. She looked around, seeing that she was surrounded by her friends and the knights. They all gave her relieved looks on their faces. "What happened…?" she looked to Yorkshire, seeing tears in his eyes. "Yorkshire… you're crying…"

He nodded. "Yes… I am crying…" he suddenly hugged her tightly, making her blush. "Thank goodness you're okay!"

She started to sniffle, slowly wrapping her arms around him. She felt her own tears run down her cheeks. "I'm glad you're okay too…" she said. "The pain was awful…! I thought I was going to die…!"

"I thought so too, but Philomena used her tears to heal them."

"What…?" she looked to her side and saw that the wounds were gone. She then turned to Philomena who was right by her side. "You did this?" she asked.

The phoenix nodded, letting out a gentle coo. She gently rubbed her head against Fluttershy's neck.

"Thank you Philomena." she turned to Yorkshire and hugged him again. "Thank you Yorkshire."

"Don't thank only me." he said.

She looked to her friends. "Girls…!" she said smiling big.

Yorkshire moved away so that her friends could give her a very warm group hug.

"We were so worried about you!" Twilight Sparkle said starting to weep.

"Yeah! We thought you were done for!" Pinkie Pie added.

"I was worried about you girls too." Fluttershy replied. "But I'm so happy that all of you are alright. Thank you for coming to save me and Luna as well."

"Hey, what're best friends for?" Applejack said, smiling.

"Yes. We could never let one of our good friends be in danger." Rarity implied.

Fluttershy nodded. She slowly stood up as her friends gave her some space. She felt no pain as he stood back up to her hooves. She looked around the field noticing that Tartarus was gone. "Where's Tartarus?" she asked. "Is he gone?"

"Yes." Penarth replied. "We have defeated him. Twilight Sparkle used the Elements of Harmony to banish him from this world forever."

She sighed with relief. "Good. I wouldn't want to see him again."

"Neither would all of us." Yorkshire said.

"That just makes me think about something!" Rainbow Dash said with a brow rising up from one of her eyes. She turned to Luna with a curious look on her face. "What did you mean by the 'Shadow Realm'?"

Luna looked to Rainbow Dash and then to the others. She could see other curious looks on their faces, realizing that too never heard of the Shadow Realm. "Well you see, long ago when Celestia and I began to rule Equestria before I became Nightmare Moon, we somehow discovered magical gates to another realm using the Elements of Harmony that nopony has ever seen before. It was completely empty when we looked in, nothing but darkness inside. That's how it got its name, the Shadow Realm. That was when we had the idea that to use that place to imprison anypony or anything that was an ultimate threat to Equestria and its ponies, like Tartarus for example. Now that he's in the Shadow Realm, he will never be able to escape without the Elements of Harmony which he will never get since you and your friends possess them."

"Good to know that we will never see him again." Rarity said.

Yorkshire looked to Fluttershy and gently rubbed his head against hers. "Fluttershy, I was so scared when Tartarus almost killed you…"

"But I'm alright now." Fluttershy said rubbing her head back against his.

"It's just that… you mean so much to me…" he said, starting to form tears again. "You mean the world to me. If anything like this were to happen to you when I wouldn't be there, I would never be able to forgive myself…"

"Why…?" she asked curiously.

"Because…" he replied, taking a deep breath. "because I love you…"

She suddenly became silent, giving him a shocked look on her face. She began to blush as well.

"I've loved you ever since that day I met you." he continued, starting to blush as well. "I think you're the sweetest, most beautiful mare I've ever met. You fill me with great joy every time I see you. When I hear your voice, it soothes and relaxes me. I feel so peaceful around you. I love you Fluttershy. I love you so much."

The mares and knights couldn't help but go into awe after hearing Yorkshire confess his true feelings for Fluttershy. They looked to Fluttershy who slowly started to form a big smile on her face and began to let many tears run from her eyes.

"You… don't know… how long I've been waiting to hear those words…" she quietly said, sniffling and smiling more. She rubbed her head against his more deeply than he did to her. "Because now that you have… I can to tell you as well… that I love you too…"

Yorkshire's heart raced as he was filling up with happiness. "Oh Fluttershy… I'm so happy to hear you say that too! I was so nervous about telling how I felt about you since you're so shy almost all the time and that it would be a little too early to-" he was suddenly silenced with Fluttershy's hoof gently pressed against his lips.

She giggled quietly. "Shhh… don't ruin the moment…" she removed her hoof from his mouth. She slowly moved her head towards his as she started to blush and close her eyes. She then gently pressed her lips against his.

Yorkshire was amazed to see that Fluttershy actually having the courage to kiss him. He slowly closed his eyes and accepted the kiss.

"Awww… well ain't that's sweet?" Applejack said to the others. "She finally was able to do it."

"Love is a magical thing, isn't it?" Rarity asked her.

She nodded. "It sure is."

Luna sighed happily seeing the new couple kiss while resting against Knighton's neck.

"I'm proud of you little brother." Knighton thought.

Fluttershy gently broke the kiss, opening her eyes seeing his green eyes open up as well. "Yorkshire…" she whispered. "my hero…"

He blushed, chuckling.

Luna turned to Knighton and kissed him as well. "And you Knighton are my hero…" she said in a soft and innocent tone.

Knighton grinned and kissed her back. "Yes I am."

Fluttershy suddenly let out a chilling shudder. She looked around realized why she had a chill. "Hey um… is it okay if we go home now, if you don't mind? This place kinda gives me the chills…" she smiled innocently.

He nodded, accepting her request. "Yes we shall." he turned to everypony else. "Let's all go home!"

"Ooh! Ooh!" Pinkie Pie hopped up and down smiling big. "Does that mean we can have our victory party when we get home?!"

He looked to Pinkie Pie and laughed. "Of course!" he replied.


"But we should get Luna back to Canterlot first."

"Awwww…" she groaned quietly with a little frown.

"But uh…" he looked around with a confused look on his face. "Which way do we go…?" he laughed nervously.

Twilight Sparkle giggled. "It's a good thing I brought a map with us. Spike?"

Spike nodded. "Right!" he quickly pulled out the map from her bag and examined their location. "Hmmmm… it looks like we have to go southeast from here back to Ponyville, but I don't know which direction is southeast."

"I think there might be a compass in my bag."

He reached into the bag to try to find a compass. He felt something round and thick and pulled it out. Luckily, it was a compass. "Found it!"

"Great! Now tell us which way the arrow is pointing."

Spike looked down at the compass and saw the arrow moving and pointing to the left. "Okay, north is pointing from our left, and the road to Ponyville is southeast from here. So we have to go…" he looked forward and turned his head to the direction that was in between is front and right side, and pointed in that direction. "that way!"

"Great work Spike!" she said with a satisfied smile. "Let's all get on the road back to Pony and then to Canterlot. Princess Celestia must be worried sick about you, Luna."

Luna nodded. She then began to have other thoughts that led her to frown a bit.

Knighton looked and saw her little frown. "Is everything alright Luna?" he asked in a concerned tone.

She looked to him and gave her a little smile. "Everything's fine Knighton." she replied. "Just having some thoughts, but it's nothing for you to be concerned about."

He kissed her cheek. "I hope so. Let's get you back your sister so that she can give you a big sisterly hug!"

She giggled. "Okay. But I have a better way to get back. Everypony get in a circle." she said to the others.

Everypony all gathered around in a circle with a big empty space in the middle. Luna walked into the circle and stood in the middle.

"What are you going to do?" Penarth asked curiously.

"You'll see." she replied, starting to close her eyes. She raised her horn, pointing it up at the sky. Her horn began to give off a bright blue glow that grew brighter and brighter. She opened her eyes, revealing to be glowing as well. From the tip of her horn, thirteen little stars glistened, flying out and heading for the twelve ponies and Spike. There was a fourteenth star that stayed on Luna's horn.

When the stars touched their heads, the ponies and Spike turned into blue mist with glistening little stars. Luna too turned into mist. When they were all mist, they all combined into one giant slithering cloud that was covered in stars and flew up into the sky, heading off to Canterlot.

Philomena, being the only one who wasn't touched by Luna's spell, flapped her large wings and followed the blue cloud of shimmering mist into and through the mountains to reach their destination to ease an older sister's pain.
Chapter 14 of my MLP fanfic.

The knights and the mares escape from the collapsing lair. For when they thought they won the fight, fate had other plans. Tartarus survives angrier than ever. He transforms into his beast form to kill off everypony. This will be the battle, Equestria's fate hangs in the balance. Will the knights and girls survive this final battle? Will the succeed in the rescue of Princess Luna and Fluttershy?


PS: I got the phoenix idea from Harry Potter an the Chamber of Secrets with the whole blinding the monster and healing tears.

Chapter 13: [link]

Chapter 15: [link]

MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust
Writing, knights and Tartarus (c) Dandric101
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HOLY SHIT! IT'S GANNON FROM OCARINA OF TIME!!! With that said I found Tatarus's(did I spell that right?) final form to be comepletely badass. I also like how Yorkshire looses it and starts to hack away at his face.(again Gannon from Ocarina of time)
Dandric101 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Yeah, I based a few things off from LoZ for this story. and it's Tartarus.
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