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June 13, 2011
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Chapter 15

In the royal palace of Canterlot, Princess Celestia sat on her throne with worry and discomfort. All she could think about was her little sister's safety and hopes of seeing her again. With Princess Luna being away for a long time again, it brought back the painful memories of her banishment to the moon a thousand years ago. She let out a quiet but heavy sigh. "It has been so long since I've felt this much emptiness inside…" she said to herself, feeling intense pain in her heart. She closed her eyes and then opened them, letting a tear run down her cheek and fall to the floor. Not caring if anypony was around, she hung her head down and began to quietly cry. "Luna… please return home safely…" before she could to fall into deeper despair, she felt a gust of wind starting to blow through her mane gently. She slowly raised her head up, noticing that her mane wasn't the only thing that was being blown by the mysterious wind. She looked up, seeing the large banners above her throne room being gently blown as well. She looked to the large doors that were the main entrance to the room as she saw a large blue glittering cloud of mist slip through the middle lining of the doors. Celestia's heart slowly began to purify itself with happiness as her mouth formed a smile of relief.

The cloud of mist hovered down to the floor in the middle of the room. When it touched the floor, it separated into fourteen pony shaped silhouettes. They all began to take shape into different figures. They all turned into bright flashes, making Celestia cover her eyes. When she thought the flash was gone, she uncovered her eyes and saw her sister, Twilight Sparkle, her friends, and the knights standing before her.

They all gave her a bow of respect and greeting.

"Your Majesty," Knighton announced with a big smile. "mission accomplished!"

Princess Celestia couldn't help but gallop down her steps as fast as she could. She gave her little sister a very tight and heartwarming hug. She began to cry with joy over Luna. "Oh Luna, thank goodness you're alright…" she said in a broken voice. "I was so scared…" she pulled Luna in much closer to her as she tightened her embrace.

Princess Luna began to cry as well, happy to be able to see her big sister again. She accepted the hug and wrapped her arms around Celestia tightly. "I missed you so much, Celestia…!"

Everypony else watched the reunion of the two princess sisters with great happiness in their hearts.

Llanfair couldn't help but start crying himself from seeing such a wonderful reunion.

Tregaron looked to Llanfair. He was in a bit of a shock to see that he was crying as well. "Are you crying?" he asked raising a brow.

Llanfair quickly wiped his eyes, hoping to not embarrass himself even more in front of his stallion friends. "Uh, no! I uh… I just have something in my eye." he said, making up an excuse for crying.

Fluttershy gently leaned her head against Yorkshire's neck. "This is just like when we changed Princess Luna back from being Nightmare Moon…" she sighed happily.

He looked down to her and rubbed her head affectionately a bit. "I've always loved family reunions."

Princess Celestia looked to the girls and knights with tears filling up her eyes more and running down her cheeks. "Thank you so much for bringing my sister back." she said to them. "You don't know how much Luna means to me."

Knighton and Yorkshire looked at each other and smiled. "I think my brother and I do your Majesty." Knighton said. "Princess Luna means to me as much as she does to you. Fluttershy means a lot to Yorkshire. He cares and loves her deeply, so do you and I for your sister."

She nodded slowly and continued to rub her sister's head with more affection. She heard an echoing caw coming from the other side of the large doors. She looked to the doors and opened them with her magic. As the doors opened, Philomena flew in with grace, circling over everypony. Celestia let out her one of her forearms and let the phoenix land on her arm. She looked to Philomena and smiled. "It's great to see you're back as well." she said to her. She looked to the girls and knights. "I'm sure Philomena was helpful in your battle, am I correct?" she asked.  

"She was your Majesty." Yorkshire replied. "If Philomena hadn't shown up, Fluttershy and I would've been dead."

"That's right." Twilight Sparkle agreed. "Fluttershy was severely wounded after a very harsh strike from Tartarus and Philomena used her tears to heal them."

Celestia looked to Philomena and smiled. "Well done Philomena. I'm happy that you were able to be helpful on this mission."

Philomena cooed happily, gently nudging Celestia's mane.

"So tell me my friends, what became of this wicked lizard warlock?" the older princess asked everypony else.

"We were able to defeat him." Tregaron replied. "And for some reason, the Elements of Harmony appeared and we were able to banish him to this place called the Shadow Realm."

Princess Celestia giggled quietly. "I always knew that place would be of good use someday, and today was a good day for the Elements to appear."

"Celestia…?" Luna asked quietly with a bit of concern in her voice. "That reminds me of something… if you had the power to banish anypony to the Shadow Realm, why didn't you banish me there instead of the moon when I was Nightmare Moon…?"

Celestia looked down at her sister with a little frown. "My dear sister… did you honestly think I would banish you from this world so that you could never return…?"

Princess Luna nodded slowly, starting to form more tears in her eyes.

She sighed. "You're my sister for goodness sake. I could never have the heart to trap you in a place where you could never come back. I wanted you to come back so that you could purify your heart again and regain your rightful place by my side. That's why I banished you to the moon and let you prepare for what was going to happen for the next thousand years. Leaving you in an eternal prison would shatter my heart into millions of pieces, never to be repaired… I care about you so much…"

The little princess lunged for her sister and buried her face under Celestia's neck, continuing to cry with much relief. "I love you so much Celestia!" she cried. "I never want to be separated from you again!"

Princess Celestia gently rested her chin on Luna's head. "I love you too Luna… so very much…" she opened her eyes and looked to the others again. She showed a sweet and gentle smile on her face. "Brave and loyal knights, for your courage and compassion for Princess Luna and Fluttershy, my faithful student, her friends and I shall bless you with six special gifts. Please form a straight line." she said to the knights.

The knights did what they were told. They all formed in a straight line from the Knighton down to Yorkshire.

She then looked to the girls. "Please face the knight you each want to bless." she said to them.

The girls all formed a straight line as well, with each facing a knight that they wish to give a special to: Fluttershy of course faced Yorkshire, giving him a little smile and a quiet giggle, Rarity faced Tregaron, Applejack faced Rhayader, Rainbow Dash with Penarth, Pinkie Pie with Llanfair, and last but not least Twilight Sparkle facing Knighton.

Princess Celestia then raised her head up high as her horn started to glow. With her magic, she made Twilight Sparkle's horn glow as well. From her student's horn, six little stars appeared, hovering over Twilight Sparkle and her friends. They looked up to their little stars above them, watching them change into the shimmering stones of their cutie marks. They looked to each of their knight and smiled. "Sir Knighton the Brave," Twilight Sparkle said.

"Sir Llanfair the Swift!" Pinkie Pie said with a giggle.

"Sir Penarth the Strong," Rainbow Dash said proudly.

"Sir Rhayader the Sharp," Applejack said.

"Sir Tregaron the True," Rarity said.

Fluttershy looked to Yorkshire, blushing. She took a deep breath. "and Sir Yorkshire the Young…" she said.

"with the power of the Elements of Harmony and the magic of friendship, we bestow these gifts onto all of you." Twilight Sparkle said.

The stones lit up brightly in the room. The knights looked up with amazement and excitement with all thoughts of what gifts the girls were going to give them. They all stood with pride, eyes locked on the brightly glittering stones, waiting to receive their blessings. The light slowly began to fade from above, revealing six shimmering swords. The swords looked to be well crafted with blades glistening like silver, reflecting off any light that shined upon them. All of the handles were shaped the same covered in polished bronze, each with a colored jewel placed into the center of the hilt guard that matched each of the knight's eyes. On the pummel of the handles, each had another small jewel, but they were in the shape and colors of the girls' cutie marks; Knighton's sword with Twilight Sparkle's six pointed purple diamond, Llanfair's with Pinkie Pie's balloon, Penarth's with Rainbow Dash's cloud and rainbow colored lightning bolt, Rhayader's with Applejack's apple, Tregaron's with Rarity's blue diamond, and Yorkshire's with Fluttershy's butterfly. The swords were then hovered down to the knights being presented in front of them.

The knights were indeed speechless, unable to even let out a single sound. Their eyes sparkled from the swords' glistening blades.

"These are… the most beautiful swords we've ever seen…" Rhayader said, breaking the silence.

Princess Celestia slowly nodded. "These are our gifts to you. Since we made these with the Elements of Harmony, I thought that these could be called the Blades of Harmony. These swords are infused with the powers of the Elements, making them indestructible. Each of them represents each of the Elements in these girls." she looked to Knighton first and then would go down the line. "Sir Knighton, your sword represents Twilight Sparkle's element of magic. Sir Llanfair, yours represents Pinkie Pie's Laughter."

Pinkie Pie giggled. "It's true. I do laugh and make ponies laugh a lot."

The princess looked to Penarth next. "Sir Penarth, your sword represents Rainbow Dash's loyalty."

Penarth bowed respectively to Princess Celestia. "I will always be loyal to you, your Majesty."

She gave him a satisfied smile and looked to the next knight. "Sir Rhayader, yours represents Applejack's honesty." she looked to Tregaron. "You Sir Tregaron, your sword will represent Rarity's generosity." last but not least, she looked to the youngest and gave him a happy smile. "And you, Sir Yorkshire, your sword will represent Fluttershy's kindness."

Yorkshire looked to Fluttershy, and rubbed her head affectionately.

"Knights, claim your swords."

The knights all together reached for their new swords. The moment their teeth gripped the handles, the glistening of their swords slowly disappeared, so did their old swords from their scabbards. Their scabbards changed form, changing their lengths for the blades, and their colors to be brown and red. The knights all raised their swords high above them.

"Your Highness, as your royal knights, we promise to take great care of these swords you and the girls have given us. We thank you with our deepest gratitude." Knighton said, giving Princess Celestia and the girls a bow. The other knights joined Knighton.

The princesses and girls bowed back to the knights. Princess Celestia rose up. "Royal knights," she said. "we hope that all of you will stay in Ponyville with us if we would ever be in need of your aid."

Knighton and the others rose up as well. "The knights and I have been talking for a bit and decided that we would indeed stay. We're actually hoping to find a house in Ponyville that will fit the six of us to live in."

She nodded. "I'll make arrangements to see if we can find or build you a new house down there."

"That would be wonderful your Highness. But let's not make the house very fancy shall we? We would prefer to live in a simple home like everypony else's."

She giggled. "I'll do my best."

Applejack walked up to them. "In the meantime, ya'll are welcome to stay at the barn as long as ya want."

"We greatly appreciate that, Applejack." Rhayader said.

Twilight Sparkle turned to Princess Celestia. "Your Highness, after everything that has happened, should I write a report about a lesson of friendship for all of this?"

The princess lightly shook her head. "That won't be necessary Twilight." she replied. "I don't think there would be any room for a lesson after all that has happened with all fifteen of you."

"It was an honor to serve you for the first time your Majesty." Yorkshire said. "We will always be there if you need us! We thank you for everything you have done for us so far, and we shall return the favor by staying loyal to you. We shall give you our abilities and strengths to do what we can to keep this kingdom safe from harm."

Princess Celestia knew that Yorkshire's words were true and courageous. She alone bowed to the young knight. "I just knew that I made the right decision to make you six my royal knights. All of you show much potential and confidence that I have never seen before in any knight I have ever met. Each of you have different strengths, but all of you put them together to win your battles. I thank you again for saving my sister. You have healed a large hole in my heart."

The knights all gave her a final bow.

Princess Luna walked up to the knights and their mare friends as Fluttershy faced them beside Luna. "We thank all for you for what you have done to save us." she said.

"We're so happy to have you as our friends." Fluttershy said. She looked to Luna as she looked to her, both smiling to each other and then looked to two of the knights. "Yorkshire, Knighton…"

"You have always kept us in our hearts, as we have kept you in ours." Luna continued. "If it wasn't for you two especially, we probably wouldn't be here right now…"

Knighton and Yorkshire rubbed their loved ones affectionately with their deepest love for them. "You'll always be in our hearts," Yorkshire said. "for we love you very much."

"And now that evil has been vanquished, there is nothing that can stop us from being together forever."

The two couples showed each other's deepest loves for each other through deep, passionate kisses.

Llanfair's eyes twitched with tears, and began to cry happily for them.

"I knew it! You were crying!" Tregaron said, pointing out Llanfair's running tears.

Rhayader rolled his eyes and nudged Tregaron's side. "Come on, leave him alone." he quietly said. "At least he's crying for a good reason and a special occasion."

"Our darling Fluttershy," Rarity said to her mare friends. "in love." she sighed happily. "I always knew that she and Yorkshire would make a lovely couple."

Applejack looked to Rarity and giggled. "You're right Rarity. You are so right."

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Pinkie Pie said loudly, causing the couples to stop kissing. "Aren't we going to have a victory party?!"

Knighton laughed. "I can't believe I forgot about that!" he looked to Princess Celestia. "Your Majesty, we mean to have a celebration of our victory in battle with a party. Would you like to join us?"

The high princess smiled as she walked down from her throne to everypony. "I would be honored to join your celebration." she replied.

"HOORAY!!!" Pinkie Pie squealed happily, jumping up and down at tall heights. "Party at my place!!!"

The knights, the girls, and the princesses of Equestria all followed Pinkie Pie to Sugarcube Corner to hold a victory party for their winning battle against evil…
Chapter 15 of my MLP fanfic

The knights, the mares, and the princess return safely. Princess Celestia welcomes her little sister back with a tight embrace and many happy tears. For their bravery, the knights are rewarded with six special gifts.


PS: If you think the last line of the chapter is unfinished, you're right. Even though it's not complete, wait for the epilogue, then you'll find out why I made the line unfinished.

Chapter 14: [link]

Epilogue: [link]

MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust
Writing, and knights (c) Dandric101
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>When it touched the floor, it separated into fourteen little.
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-I can understand the worries on Clestia's part, but Luna ? It's not like she came back from another 1000years imprisonment... maybe it's the way it's said ?

>"This is just like when we changed Princess Luna back from being Nightmare Moon…"
-...yeah... I thought so too.

>The light slowly began to fade from above, revealing six shimmering swords.
-Heh, Kinghts of the Elements :) It has a nice ring to it.

>These swords possess the same powers as the Elements
-*Raise a BIG eyebrow at that* Hum... the SAME powers ? This raise so many questions... One of them being : Celestia can duplicate the EXACT powers of ancient and extremely powerful artifacts, jsut like that ?
-Infused or Imbued (meaning like ''partially''...basicly sharing the same atributes, but without the overpowering-much) by the Elements would seem less *godlike*, I would think ?

>(Celestia) "we hope that all of you will stay in Ponyville with us
-...but it's Celestia speaking, right ? Wouldn't it be ''Canterlot'' that she's supposed to say ? (especially when considering what Kinghton says right after)

>all followed Pinkie Pie to Sugarcube Corner
-Considering they are in Canterlot... this will be a long walk, if they ''Follow her to''. Unless they ''Travel to'' (meaning the use of some transports) Sugarcube Corner, of course.

...Well, except that I still don't know from where those 10000 knights initially came from (we learn about the monsters but not them), in the first place (considering that Celestia *welcomes them to* Equestria, meaning they are from somewhere else)... most points have been resolved.

It was an interesting ending (even if it made me raise an eyebrow, at some point...). :)
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I'm also hoping to write another fanfic about the knight's history in the war
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>will stay in Ponyville with us
>with us's Celestia saying those words, right ? She's not staying in Ponyville, so it made me wonder what she was speaking of ?

(...she can duplicate Elements ? huh ? ...yeah, I'm still wondering about that too, but I guess it's a minor detail (minor for the story, but in their world it has BIG consequences))
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