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April 16, 2011
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Chapter 5

The next afternoon, Twilight Sparkle invited her friends over to the library to hang out. They always had a wonderful time with each other. They filled each other with happiness, laughter, and love.

Spike came over to them reading a book about feminine etiquette. "Hey Fluttershy, I might have something that can help you with Yorkshire."

"Oh?" Fluttershy wondered, turning to him. "Help with what?"

"I found this book on female etiquette and I was thinking that this could give you useful tips when you and Yorkshire are together." he replied.

She smiled and shook her head. "No thank you." she said politely and quiet. "I do not need any books to help me with occasions like with me and Yorkshire. I like how it's going for the both of us so far."

"Well, if you insist." Spike threw away the book. He suddenly felt a loud rumble in his stomach. He groaned quietly, placing his hands on it. "I don't feel so good…"

"What's wrong, Spike?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

Suddenly, he burped green fire from his mouth. The flames vanished and appeared as a rolled up letter with the initial of "C".

She gasped. "It's a letter from Princess Celestia!" she exclaimed, excitedly.

Spike groaned. "Those surprise deliveries are getting on my nerves…" he grumbled.

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Read it! Read it!" Pinkie Pie said, hopping up and down wearing a big smile on her face.

He opened the letter, cleared his throat and began to read the letter. "Here ye, here ye!" he read aloud. "Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria is pleased to announce the Grand Galloping Gala to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot exactly three days away from now and cordially extends an invitation to Twilight Sparkle and her 6 friends."

They all gasped with bright eyes and huge smiles. "THE GRAND GALLOPING GALA!!!" they all exclaimed. They all squealed with glee.

"This going to be so exciting!" Pinkie Pie said, jumping higher and higher. "I'll be able to eat all the goodies I want, ride on the super-duper fun rides, and play my favorite pony games! I feel a song coming on!"

"Here we go again." Rainbow Dash said sighing.

Pinkie Pie began to sing her song about the Galloping Gala.

"Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me,
Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me,
Hip hip hooray,
It's the best place for me,
For Pinkie.
Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me,
Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me,
Cause it's the most galloping superly terrific gala ever in the whole galaxy.

"Oh my!" Rarity exclaimed. "I must make the perfect dress to wear for this year!"

Suddenly Spike burped out golden tickets to the Gala appearing from the green flames. He grabbed the tickets from the air and counted them. "Huh… this doesn't seem right…" he said to himself.

"What's wrong Spike?" Applejack asked. "Not enough tickets?"

"We have enough," he replied. "but there are thirteen tickets here. We somehow got six more." he then burped out more green fire, and another letter appeared. He opened the letter and read it. "I beg your pardon for not telling you in the other letter. The extra six tickets are for the knights who have come to Ponyville from battle. Please inform them that they too are invited to the Grand Galloping Gala."

"Oh! So that's what the extra tickets are for." Twilight Sparkle said. "That's very kind of her to do that."

"Maybe we can all go together." Pinkie Pie suggested.

"Um, Twilight?" Fluttershy asked Twilight Sparkle nervously. "If it's alright, could I have one of those extra tickets? I would like to give it to Yorkshire and… ask him if he would want to go with me to the Gala." she blushed a little bit.

"Ooh! Trying to ask him out on a date huh?" Rainbow Dash asked, nudging her shoulder.

She nodded. "Yes."

Twilight Sparkle giggled. "Of course you can have one." she gave her one of the extra tickets using her magic.

"Thank you so much, Twilight." she said with a smile.

"You're very welcome, Fluttershy." she replied, smiling back.

"Should we head out for the knights now?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Why not?" Twilight Sparkle replied. "If that's alright with everypony else."

They all looked at each other and nodded.

"Alright! Let's head out!" she announced, starting to walk to the door.

The others followed her out.

A little while later, they arrived at the barn seeing the doors closed. Applejack knocked on the doors loudly.

"Who is it?" a muffled voice asked from inside.

"It's Applejack and the girls!" she replied. "We want to talk to you guys!"

"Come on in!"

She opened the doors letting herself and girls in. They saw that the knights were lying around on their piles of hay. Llanfair, Penarth, Tregaron and Rhayader were playing cards while Knighton and Yorkshire were sharpening their swords.

"Okay boys," Tregaron said to his comrades with a grin. "let's see the cards!" he laid out his five cards. "A pair of aces and a pair of tens! Top that!" he said.

Llanfair groaned in frustration. "I fold." he said placing his cards face down in front of him.

"Me too." Rhayader implied, doing the same thing with his cards.

Penarth was still holding his cards. "You guys stink at this game." he said.

They hung down their heads. "We know…" they both said in unison.

Tregaron laughed at Penarth. "You think you have a better hand than I do? Show it to me! I dare you!" he demanded, smirking at him.

Penarth smirked back and laid out his cards, showing them a six, seven, eight, nine, and ten cards. "Straight flush!" he exclaimed, laughing.

Tregaron's mouth dropped, surprised to see that an amateur beat him. "This can't be!" he exclaimed. "I'm the best card player in the team! You just started playing the game!"

"Looks like your winning streak is destroyed Tregaron!" he said, laughing more. He turned his head seeing the girls looking at them giggling. "Hey girls! What's up?" he asked.

"Oh nothing…" Pinkie Pie replied innocently. "Except that the Grand Galloping Gala is coming soon! EEEEEEE!!!"

"That's right." Twilight Sparkle implied. "Princess Celestia was kind enough to give us tickets and six extra ones for you guys."

"That's awesome!" Llanfair said, standing up fast. "I've always wanted to go!"

She used her magic to give out the tickets to the knights, all except Yorkshire.

Yorkshire realized that he wasn't given a ticket. "Aren't I invited too?" he asked, curiously.

She smiled, turned her head to Fluttershy and nodded.

Fluttershy gulped nervously. She put the other extra ticket in her mouth and slowly walked over to Yorkshire. "Um…" she blushed. "Yorkshire. I was wondering… if it's alright with you…"

"Yes?" he asked softly.

She inhaled deeply. "Will you go to the Grand Galloping Gala with me?!" she asked in a fast pace. Her face suddenly turned red out of embarrassment.

He slowly got up and stood right in front of her.

She began to have concerns, doubting that he would go with her. She then saw him give her a smile.

"Yes." he replied. "I would love to go with you." he gently took the extra ticket from her mouth with his.

"I can't believe it…" she thought. "I can't believe this is really happening…! He said yes!" she was about to faint again but Applejack caught her fall.

"Whoa, take it easy girl!" she said, trying to help her stand up right. "You ain't fainting this time!"

He chuckled. "How about we all go together?" he asked everyone. "And after we have our fun together, Fluttershy and I will go off on our own together."

Knighton stood up. "I think that's a nice idea. How about it ladies?" he asked them.

"I think we would like that." Twilight Sparkle replied. "I mean, we did give you the extra tickets after all."

He laughed. "You are right."

"Be sure to dress nicely boys." Rarity suggested, giggling.

"We will." he said.

"The Gala is three days from today." Twilight Sparkle said. "We'll all meet up at the town square and then go to Canterlot."

"Sounds like a plan." Llanfair said. "Thank you very much for the tickets!"

"You're very welcome."

"We'll see ya'll later then!" Applejack said.

They all said good-bye to each other as the girls left.

Yorkshire quickly closed the doors with a big smile on his face. "YES!!" he shouted with glee. "I'M GOING ON MY FIRST DATE WITH FLUTTERSHY!!!" he whooped and bounced all around the room excited.

"Whoa, whoa! Easy there little brother!" Knighton said, catching him.

He cleared his throat and blushed laughing nervously. "Sorry. I'm just really excited about this!"

He laughed. "I know you are. Just don't take it too seriously or you might hurt yourself."

"Right. I'll need to get an early start on preparing to be ready. I'll need something to wear though…"

"Isn't there a place somewhere in town that design clothes for special occasions like this?" his older brother asked.

"Hmmm…" he thought about the question and then gasped quietly. "Rarity's Carousel Boutique! She makes incredible clothes! I'll ask her to make something awesome and knightly!"

"Go for that then, little stallion!" Rhayader said with encouragement in his voice.

"Yeah!" Penarth agreed. "Wouldn't want to look messy on your first date!" he laughed.

Yorkshire gave him an annoyed look. "Shut up..."

.  .  .

Meanwhile, the girls were hanging out around the apple trees eating some apples for a snack. They were all chatting about what to wear for the Gala.

"I do have a nice dress that matches my mane." Rainbow Dash said.

"Almost every piece of clothing ya own matches your mane." Applejack said, giggling.

"Oh yeah? What do you have for the Gala?" she asked her raising a brow.

"Well, I got cute blue overalls that would be great to wear!" she replied.

Twilight Sparkle smiled. "How about you Fluttershy?" she asked her. "Do you have anything to wear?"

"Well um…" she slowly shook her head. "No, not really…" she replied.

Rarity gasped. "Darling, you must have something to wear on your first date with Yorkshire!"

"I know. I do wish that I had something very special for the Gala." she said.

"I'll tell you what," Rarity said. "You tell me what you want your dress to look like and I'll make it for you."

She turned to her and smiled. "You will?"

"Why of course! This is your first date after all." she implied.

She hugged her with a big smile. "Thank you so much Rarity. I would just love that."

Rarity made her horn glow, starting to use magic. She made a piece of paper and a pen appeared. "Now, tell me what you want your adoring dress to look like. Give me ever little detail if possible."

.  .  .

Hours later, Rarity returned to her boutique to start working on Fluttershy's dress for the dance. She gathered the supplies she needed with her magic. She began to draw out the sketches of the dress. "I never knew Fluttershy could be so specific." she said to herself. "This dress will look beautiful on her!" She then heard the bell from her door ringing, knowing that someone had entered her shop. She stopped sketching and walked into the lobby. "Can I help you with anything?" she asked. She looked and saw that it was Yorkshire coming into her shop for the second time. "Yorkshire! It's a surprise to see you in here again."

He smiled. "Yes it is." he said.

"Have you come in here to take another look around?" she asked.

"Actually, I need a favor." he replied.

"Oh? And what is that, may I ask?"

He chuckled nervously. "I need you to make an outfit for me for the Gala. I don't really have anything to wear."

"Do you have any idea what you want the outfit to look like?" she asked.

He nodded. "I would want you to make me a green and white surcoat with an eagle on the chest with its wings spread open. I have some chainmail back at the barn that I could wear underneath, but could you also make long sleeved black pants and shirt for underneath as well? I would greatly appreciate it." He took some coins out from his belt bag and placed it on her table. "Will this much do?"

She smiled. "For you, yes. I would be honored to design an outfit for sweet, gentle knight like you."

He blushed and chuckled. "Thank you for that compliment. I really want this to be a special night for Fluttershy. I really want to show her how much I care about her. I want to make her happy. She's like a flower in the form of a bud, soon to bloom when the time is right." he lowered his head. "I'm just really nervous about this…"

Rarity walked over to him. She lifted up his chin with her hoof, making him look at her face. "I'm sure Fluttershy's nervous too, sweetie." she said softly. "I just know from the look in her eyes, she cares about you too. You are one of the sweetest, most caring ponies we and she have ever met. You show such passion, confidence, and loyalty. Don't start doubting yourself before the Gala. I know you'll have a wonderful time together. I believe in you, Yorkshire. Make it the best night of her entire life." she quickly kissed his cheek then blushed. "Please forgive me for that…" she said nervously.

He smiled. "It's alright. I get kissed suddenly by other girls once in a while. Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement." he said, hugging her. He then walked to the exit of the shop. "I hope to see the outfit soon!" he yelled happily, walking out.

"I can guarantee that you'll be happily satisfied when come back!" she sighed happily. "Love is truly a magical thing." She continued sketch out Fluttershy's outfit as well as Yorkshire's. When they were done, she began cut out shapes from her most unique rolls of fabric to use for the outfits and sewed them together with accessories added onto them. "This will be a dance they'll never forget."
Chapter 5 of my MLP fanfic.

The girls and the knights have been invited to the Grand Galloping Gala! What will they do to prepare themselves for it?


Chapter 4: [link]

Chapter 6: [link]

MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust
Writing, Yorkshire and knights (c) Dandric101
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